This trip will forever be one of the most enviable experiences of your life.

Modern helicopters with well-trained pilots and international certifications, give us the opportunity not only to take you over Athens but also to arrange for you a one-day trip to the unique Meteora.

Meteora is a complex of huge Paleolithic rocks and Byzantine monasteries on their steep peaks with unique heirlooms and frescoes. Meteora, in Greek, refers to that which soars above the ground.  The wild and inaccessible landscape was a suitable place for the Christian ascetics who settled in the area at a time that is not exactly known. According to Byzantine scholars, it must have been at 11th century B.C.

One of the most important monuments in the world, protected by UNESCO, as well as a protected habitat of the Natura 2000 network.

The landscape is breathtaking and the flight over the surrounding area is enchanting. Upon arrival in the area, we will land in the Kalambaka area and take you by car to the outskirts of Meteora where you will be guided and then have lunch at a local tavern. Upon your return, you will have the opportunity to admire the Greek nature and of course to take stunning photos from above.

This trip will forever be one of the most enviable experiences of your life.

Of course, if you wish, we can arrange any excursion by helicopter as well as your transfer to the island.

Flights always depend on weather conditions.

Prices depend on the availability of the helicopters and people who will attend. You can send us your detailed request at and we will respond immediately.