Discover areas well hidden from the eyes of a tourist

In the secluded neighborhoods of our city, we can show you how the Athenians live their days and nights. Areas well hidden from the eyes of a tourist. If you wish, an experienced guide will take you not only through the modern Athenian neighborhoods, but also the old ones, to accompany you to the markets, recommend local products and help you in the department stores and boutiques of modern foreign fashion houses, as well as internationally recognized Greek houses.

Narrow streets reminiscent of the past as well as modern streets, worthy of a European capital. Authentic second-hand stores and modern stores. Modern Greek designers of objects and clothing "combining" tradition with the demands of modern fashion. 

Small taverns in uncharted areas as well as gourmet restaurants, can "impress" you with the authentic Greek cuisine but also with its variations, always based on the fresh products of the Greek land.

The night in Athens ends with the dawn.

If you like traditional music and dances, we suggest you, while enjoying Greek cuisine, to admire our folk musicians and dancers in a special tavern.

But if you want to have fun in a modern club, with a view of Athens or the beach with the wonderful sunset, we will be glad to offer and organize your entertainment in the most famous and cosmopolitan hangouts.

If you still want to live the city as an Athenian, we would suggest you to visit the famous entertainment centers, the "bouzoukis" as we call them in Greece, where famous Greek singers sing and offer a completely different experience, certainly unforgettable.

But if you are a fan of our Ancient history, you might want to see a performance at the Ancient Conservatory of Herodes Atticus, where the world's famous musicians and actors have performed. But whatever your wish, you can express it to us and we will fulfill it. Our "private accommodation" service is always at your disposal, to serve you and create unforgettable memories. All you have to do is ask us by sending an e - mail to