Epidavros is located in Argolida and is 135 km from Athens, i.e., about 2 hours' drive. It is built on a hilly area between the Saronic and Argolic gulfs. In ancient times it was known as the most important ancient place of worship of the god Asclepius, god of Medicine. Known throughout Greece, its Asclepieion, one of the most important in antiquity, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988.

Traces of habitation have existed since the Early Helladic era (3rd millennium BC). On the flat hill above the village, ancient and classical fortifications still remain today, as well as traces of habitation in the classical era.

In the 5th century BC, for example, the sanctuary of Asclepius becomes prominent and influential. The feast of the sanctuary of the Asclepieion becomes Pan-Hellenic. This reputation brings financial power, especially in the 4th-3d centuries BC. The sanctuary remained in great prosperity during the Hellenistic period, but also in Roman times until 2d century BC.

The architect and sculptor Polykleitos, succeeded in the 4th century BC to create a theater unsurpassed to this day in beauty and acoustics: even the actor's breath reaches the last row and fades behind it.

The visitor has the opportunity to visit Ancient Epidaurus and watch a performance of Ancient Tragedy in this unique theater for a full day or 6-hour excursion in the surrounding area.

If you wish, you may take a speedboat to Epidaurus and enjoy the clear blue waters of the Saronic Gulf, passing between the islands of the Saronic Gulf. A mini tour van will be waiting for you upon arrival and then you will enjoy a performance at the Antique Theater. A unique experience that we can create for you, if you ask us.

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