Enjoy a day trip to Delphi, by limousine or minivan, and be enchanted by the landscapes of the route as well as the Archaeological site.

Delphi was the Navel of the World, where, according to mythology, the two eagles sent by Zeus from the ends of the universe to find the center of the world met. For centuries Delphi was the spiritual and religious center and symbol of unity of ancient Hellenism. The history of Delphi is rooted in centuries and myths of the ancient Greeks.

From the 8th century, when the cult of Apollo prevailed, the sanctuary of Delphi acquired a particularly important role in the ancient Greek world, while its influence gradually spread in a large part of the wider area of the eastern Mediterranean.

Delphi was an ancient Greek city with the most important oracle of the ancient Greek world, but gradually the role of the city was strengthened and it developed into a Pan-Hellenic center and a sacred city of the ancient Greeks. 

Delphi is an area with intense tourist traffic, as it is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Apart from the archeological site and the museum, there is a European Cultural Center and, in the wider area, a series of Holy Monasteries of religious interest. Delphi is also a short 10 km distance from Arachova, important winter destination of Central Greece, and within walking distance of the summer resort of Itea as well as the traditional settlement of Galaxidiou.

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